Drawing Order

Russell Shilling

Once I made some structure components filled solids I noticed that the track is drawn before the structure elements. This happens even if I put the filled solids before the rack elements in the file
Russell Shilling

Chris Kenyon

Move to Top / Move to Bottom are your  friends here - between the "Tunnel" and "Modify track" icons ....

Russell Shilling

I was working on a composite track element, similar to the pre-made bridges.  The bridge shown combines track and drawing elements. I split the track and structure, and "move to back" worked. I suspect the pre-made bridges are designed not to interfere with the track. 
Russell Shilling

Dave Bullis

I have to assume you are not using 5.2 GA.
This problem has been fixed with the latest release


Adam Richards

As Dave says, the construction logic for groups pre V5.2 would put all drawing objects after all track objects regardless of their input order, this was required by the path logic in use. The effect would be that drawing objects would always be above tracks in Turnouts.

While it was possible to hand edit the order, you have to edit the paths as well - and when I un-grouped or re-grouped the problem would reoccur.

These issues have been largely addressed in V5.2. Note that objects built pre-5.2 heritage will still always draw the drawing objects above the track even in 5.2.