Group of a Defined Turntable part doesn't work #Bug


Found a problem with grouping only with a turntable an one track, got an error I can´t understand. Problably the same problem described in Bug #343?

THX for this great work!


Adam Richards

Paging Dave! 

I suspect this is different than grouping a structure with no tracks - there may or may not be endpoints on a turntable and they can be with attached tracks or without.


Dave Bullis

The definition for 'Fleischmann-Modell Large Turntable 6154' is incomplete.
There are segments defined for each stall track around the turntable.
There should also be segments connecting the inner edge of each stall track to it's opposite across the turntable pit (colored white).  This would allow a loco to traverse the turntable.

So currently there is
S 0 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 2.854331 0.000000
S 0 0.000000 17.913386 0.000000 15.059055 0.000000
there should also be 
         S 16777215 0.000000 2.854331 0.000000 17.913386 0.000000

The existing group code can't handle this situation.  The new path generation logic (planed for 5.3) will.
We should also enable the Turnout Designer to create Turntables with the correct segments.


Dwyane Ward

Dave, Adam and Peter

See my updated Fleischmann file in my folder.
Dwyane Ward


THX Dwyane for thr quick response, the turntables work now in grouping.

But there are two mistakes in the File for Fleischmann Profi Gleis
  1. The turntable 9152 is  N.gauge
  2. The 310mm turntable is missing. I copied the code for the 6052 turntable from the file for Fleischmann Modell Gleis into HO-profi-fl.xtp as 6152, should have identical  dimensions

Dwyane Ward


Thanks I have updated my files.
Dwyane Ward