I hear crickets... and see crashes


been quiet around here lately? Any word on when the next Beta update will be released?
Meanwhile, I have found a sure way to crash the program and a couple issues I haven't found a workaround for.
Running 5.2.0 Beta 2.1 Under Linux mint 19.3 on my desktop:
Program instantly crashes if I now try to remove the N gauge NMRA track parameter files thru the file menu.
Program crashes if I now try to add the atlas track parameter files thru the file menu.
    >The other parameter files I added when I installed the program and custom definitions I have added since work fine.

I still can't get the program to appear on my start menu, desktop, or task bar. Every time it crashes I have to find the .bin file in the files directory and double click it to restart it. I cant find a way to make a link to it anywhere else.

I can't run a train on the layout. I have several locos installed in my inventory, but when I use either the hot button or menu to run train, the train control throttle comes up but it says no trains and the box is blank. The locos show up on the hot bar in black, and if I click on one of them with the right or left mouse button It gets a dark grey box around it  but won't move to the layout trackage or into the train control window. I would like to test my updated layout.

Adam Richards

There have been some issues with parameter codes. As I recall it, the startup override of the parms lib to pick up new fixed versions of the N params you mention only worked on Linux and Mac. Now as to why Unloading would cause an error - that’s a new one - can you add a bug report, please with details?

A temporary way out of that delete issue would be to remove the file listing from the .inj settings file in the working directory so it isn’t loaded. 

On the one you are adding are you doing that from the Library or directly by the Browse...? The latter may bypass some issues that have been fixed by Martin after the Beta was cut. If the issue is not the file contents - please make sure to use 5.2 versions.. Might be worth a try.

Now for Running a Train the sequence is to select a HotBar loco (as you did), but then left-click-and-drag **on the layout** to place it. I know folks expect drag-n-drop - from the Hotbar but that’s a GTK3 thought. Think of it like placing a Turnout from the Hotbar - it’s the same code.





I got the run trains to work. < was clicking on the layout like a turnout, but not then dragging. The dragging was the key.
I'm not sure how to add a bug report, but I am running Linux Mint v.19.3, xtrkcad v5.2.0 Beta 2.1 installed with debian files, opened with .bin file in file manager.
I am creating an N scale layout. Not using the NMRA track definitions, so I wanted to remove them. If I go into File > parameter files, I see a selection > NMRA RP-12 35Feb 2015 If I highlite it and click > unload, the program immediately crashes.
I got the Atlas definitions to add thru >search library.