Scroll bars for panning #HowTo #FeatureRequest


Would it be possible to add elevator bars (sliders for panning) to the working window like most programs use? When you use the pan icon on the toolbar, 1. it "releases" the object you have selected and the operation you want to do, requiring one to go back and reselect both after panning. This is ok if you are working on a fairly small layout or at a low magnification so you can still "see" your desired object after panning, but I am working on a large layout (8' x 18'). I may draw a new structure say, in an empty space at high magnification and then want to move it to the other end of the layout (still off screen on my 24" monitor) and place it at that same magnification. The current work around is a multiple step tap dance to accomplish what is a relatively simple task in most programs, especially drawing and cad programs.

I am currently working with ver 5.2.0 GA under linux mint. Is there a newer version available? I see a lot of work on the Win version being done/discussed in the developer's forum but nothing said about a .deb update.

Adam Richards

The latest GA level is V5.2.1. There is a debian .deb file in the library in SourceForge 

We are due to normalize the release in the next few weeks to V5.2.2.  We need to make sure we have addressed several items that emerged when Windows went 64bit which is why you see the flurry of activity, but normally 80-90% of effort is inherently cross-platform.

To your questions -

ScrollBars are theoretically possible, but only really doable once we get to a unified UI under GTK3. Otherwise all the work has to be be done in a compatible way by two different code bases with two different set of capabilities - in short it is a mess. 

Options for your workflow -

  • Have you discovered the arrow keys will pan the screen half a screen while still in Select?  For moving within a screen width or two that may help. Adding shift cuts that increment size down to 1/10th of a screen.
  • If you turn on Options->Display->AutoPan, then when you drag a item over to near the edge of the screen the current area will pan in that direction.
  • Using the Map Window, you can pan the screen by left dragging the current area rectangle around while in any mode (which is useful for larger moves). For a big move like that which is many screens away, using Map, I would consider Using Cut - Pan with Map - Paste. 
  • Another trick is to select the item, Zoom extents ("e" key), Move the selected part to the general area at the bigger zoom, Center on the cursor ("c" key) and then the View->Zoom to zoom back to the desired magnification. The extents and center key are new-ish so may not work until V5.2.1.