Shortcut Key Quick Reference #HowTo

Russell Shilling

Version 1. Suggest corrections as needed. 
Russell Shilling

Joost van der Waa

I like it !

Adam Richards


I have a start at a similar list of the modifier and other keys and mouse actions that pertain within each Command detailing all the sub-modes as well.  It's in json at the moment, as it was intended to be eventually used as a ride-along prompt display -> I'll start work when I get a moment to process it into a tabular form so that it could be printed.


Dave Bullis

The table looks great.

The on-line help (section 3.3) also lists the short cut keys.
It'd be great to add your table to that. 
Also on the wikki


Adam Richards

Here's the command UI context table I have built so far - still in json, but to give an idea.