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II have a small square block with gridlines in the bottom left corner of the xtrkcad screen that I unable to delete or expand. Why is it there and what keyboard function do I use to get rid of it or expand it so I can use the grid lines to layout the tracks on the 4 x6' panel I would like to actually lay 2 or 3 tracks onto.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

Dave Bullis

It could be the snap grid that you can hide by clicking on the grid button (under 'Dra')

If not sent us a screen shot, version info, your xtrkcad layout file (.xtc) and your xtrkcad.ini file from the xtrkcad working directory (typically c:\users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\XTrackCad\xtrackcad\)

Andy - Arlington TX

If it is what I think you are talking about, that is the "Layout Room."

Options->Layout sets the size of the layout room (i.e. the layout space), and other layout-specific settings. I set mine to the dimensions of my hollow core door.

-- Andy - Arlington TX

Dave Bullis

It might be the snap grid which you can turn off by clicking the Show Snap Grid

If not, please send us a screen shot, your .xtc file, system and xtrkcad version info and your xtrkcad.ini file from your xtrkcad working folder (typically c:\users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\XTrackCad)

Adam Richards

Maybe you are misunderstanding the display.

As others said that is likely your room boundaries. To expand its visible size “Zoom In”. You can also use the letter ‘e’ for extents and. The cursor is over the drawing area to zoom to a size that fits all the room o to the screen.

The layout room size is set in Options->Layout