sticky V5.2.1a HotFix released #V5dot2dot1

Adam Richards

Because of the importance of one bug in particular (not being able to set current layer) we have just released a 
V5.1.2a and replaced the builds for OSX, Windows and Linux in the SourceForge library. 

There were actually five bugs addressed in the hotfix - 

  1. Error in setting current layer. Bad Message and display shows the wrong layer as current. 
  2. Load of a checkpoint file does not refresh layer list.
  3. PDF/PS/SVG print text fails if the text contains non-UTF8 text (like a degrees symbol)
  4. PDF/PS/SVG print with Ties == None and Labels on results in unwanted lines added
  5. Some Linux distros waiting for 30 secs during start up on splash screen
There was also a little improvement - 
  • Layers Lists now indicate with a "*" if the layer is frozen and an "m" if it is a module in the layer lists, as alternatives to "+" (has contents) and "-" (does not).
  • Manage Layers now updates the main window and lists immediately if the layer attributes for "hidden", "frozen", "module" or "button" are changed in Manage Layers.
You can download the updated versions, they will show a V5.1.2a version number (at the top of the screen). 

The link is (as before).
Dave and Adam

Joost van der Waa

Thanks Dave and Adam,
a nice 2020 farewell gift and a good start for 2021 !!!
(just encountered the bug in 5.2.1GA :-) )


Neil D

Thanks guys! Great patch. Works like a charm! Appreciate your efforts.