XTrkCAD on ARM Linux?

Robert Myers

Is there any work being done on getting XTrkCAD running on ARM Linux? I
recently purchased a Pinebook Pro, and I'm trying to figure out what of
my typical workflow works on it. And what doesn't yet.

I'll happily to volunteer to try doing compilations. But if/when I run
into issues I'm not sure how much further help I can be.

It looks like ARM on 'real' computers is the future. So I'm interested
in helping to get there.


Adam Richards

It likely is a matter of compiling for the right machine "architecture". The Make build system and the source code see the world today as "Windows" or "Linux", the ARM/Intel machine instructions are the compiler's sole responsibility. Likewise the packaging system for ARM Linux is probably very similar to the ones used for Linux variants and only the package name changes. If you are self-compiling the packager is not needed anyway.

The biggest dependency is on GTK 2 and through it GDK. So as long as that has a at some point been ported to ARM, like this the compilation should be relatively straightforward. 

You may want to move the discussion over to our Development forum ...


Robert Myers

Thanks I'll give it a try. I'm pretty sure that GTK2 iis there. The most logical targets at ARM 64 (or whatever it's called) as used in devices like the Pinebook Pro and larger Raspberry Pi 4s, and armhf as use in other Pis/