File /Garden Railroad/SmTrees.xtp uploaded #file-notice By Notification ·
Xtrkcad 5.2.1GA.exe download issue 17 messages By Jon Wickham ·
Large Trees parameter file 2 messages #Files By Russell Shilling ·
V5.2.1 GA 3 messages #V5dot2dot1 By Adam Richards ·
File /Dwyane's FIles/G-Piko.xtp uploaded #file-notice By Notification ·
A couple of additions to a parameter file #Parameter By Rob Pearce ·
V5.2 GA 27 messages #v5dot2 By Adam Richards ·
Track shown too large in track bar 7 messages #v5dot2ga #w10 By Joost van der Waa ·
XtrkCadReader 2.2.4 released 2 messages #jmri By Egbert Broerse ·
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Message on starting 3 messages By Mike ·
Cancel placing track, select another, wrong track placed 7 messages #v5dot2ga #w10 By Joost van der Waa ·
Position of the view and zoom-levelafter program restart 3 messages #v5dot2ga #w10 By Joost van der Waa ·
2 files uploaded 5 messages #file-notice By Notification ·
Curved contact track upside down M-track #Parameter By Joost van der Waa ·
Check pointing message box 9 messages #v5dot2ga #w10 By Joost van der Waa ·
Double slip and single slip definitions 28 messages #Parameter #V5dot2dot1 By Rob Pearce ·
Problem downloading source 3 messages #HowTo By Bob Kay ·
Odd messages and crash on V5.2.0 11 messages #window-size By Rob Pearce ·
Found 'nuther way to crash program v.GA, Bug? 3 messages #Bug By scenicsRme ·
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